Pothole Repair Guide


Potholes are ubiquitous. From parking lots to driveways, from asphalt pavements to highways, these are found everywhere. Changing weather, wide range of snow fall, repeated freeze-thaw cycles only increase the amount of misery by causing them more frequently as well as in big sizes. – Perth potholes repair

How are potholes created?

Cracks are normal in driveways and roads and they are caused because of high traffic volume and soil stabilization issues. Moisture penetrates into these cracks then when it freezes during the cold months, the cracks expand. These expanded cracks force dirt and gravel out so when in conjunction with melting of ice, the stressed asphalt disintegrates produce a pothole.

How to repair potholes?

Potholes may be repaired using asphalt patching material. Asphalt patching products are of two types – cold asphalt and hot asphalt. Both have their very own benefits and problems but cold asphalt turns out to be the answer for repairing potholes because of convenience, handling, compaction and long life. Though high performance cold mix asphalt is more epensive than the hot mix, in a period of time because of its sustainability, it proves to be the economic option.

Cold Asphalt or Hot Asphalt for pothole repair?

Hot Asphalt, since the name suggests is mixed at the high temperature, at about 300 F. Each of the steps of your pothole repair exercise too, are performed at warm. This gets to be a serious limitation in frigid temperature conditions if the asphalt surface usually becomes so cold that hot mix can not be applied properly.

Cold Asphalt will be the correct solution because of these lower temperatures and is also mixed at lower temperatures. Cold asphalt is less viscous than hot asphalt and is also compact and straightforward to work with. Cold Asphalt usually offers serious advantages of being simpler to use and manage at once looks much like hot asphalt mix.

Pothole repair is usually an easy process, if adopted correctly with the right service material. Patching of potholes with cold mix asphalt often means longevity and rescue in the means of repeated mixing, cleaning, pouring and compaction. – Perth potholes repair

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